VIDEO: The Stables Theatre in Hastings about to serve up the hit BBC comedy Dinnerladies
Dinnerladies, By Victoria Wood, serves up the tale of five regular women who work in a factory canteen just outside Manchester. They put on their overalls, they fanny about with tins of beans and salad sandwiches, they wash up, they take off their overalls and then go home. But within their daily routine they bicker, fall out, run into the toilet crying, plan romances, weigh themselves, fantasise and try to read the telly pages without their glasses. An eclectic mix of wonderfully funny characters pass through the kitchen, adding flavour to their otherwise mundane working day. By kind permission of Victoria Wood the stables are proud to bring this hilarious BBC comedy to Hastings old town.The directors would like to thank South Coast Catering Equipment for sponsoring the set.
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