Uckfield District

HOMEMADE WINE: We have an allotment in Uckfield, which I highly recommend. They’re all a generous size, and if you don’t want a whole one, you can have half of it. Hubby John’s been digging up some potatoes and some of them are tiddlers, so I’ve made a gallon of wine out of 5lbs of them. You use the liquid, and the cooked potatoes are still usable. I’ve also made a fruit teabag wine, which is a rich red colour, tinned peach wine out of four tins of peaches; it’s a lovely white wine, and strawberry jam wine out of three jars. It’s a rich rose colour. They’re really useful for adding to my cooking, and they’re great to drink too. They’ll be ready for Christmas. They work out at about 30p a bottle.

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