Genuinely worried about our future

Can I respond to Andrew Durling’s rant against me in his letter (Feb 8), I will try to be polite, something not accorded to those sceptical of the theory of AGW (human caused global warming)and their proposed solutions to the problem as they see it.

First as a retired engineer I have taken time to research as much as I can to consider both sides of the great divide, starting when Al Gore’s documentary film and book burst on the scene, I have used Google, read books, reports and data from the Met Office, the IPCC, technical and performance data from wind turbine manufacturers and government reports, so I don’t need advice from him.

As an aside I always take time to visit the websites of the mouthpieces of both national and local exponents to check their expertise and technical credentials including those of Mr Durling which I found interesting.

I have a genuine worry about the future for the country in the next 20 to 30 years although that won’t affect me and I don’t “need the oxygen of publicity by parading notorious and provocative nonsense”.

Methinks he doth protest too much!

I remain a sceptic ( heretic or flat earther) but there are other local issues to support and campaign for where the East Sussex and Lewes District Councils actions and non action are concerns.

I am grateful to the paper for allowing both sides of the argument to be covered, something that the BBC and ITV seem reluctant to do.

Brian Beck