Walk the climate change trail in the Ouse Valley

The Ouse Valley looking towards Lewes.
The Ouse Valley looking towards Lewes.

A walking trail highlighting climate change in the Ouse Valley will be opened on Thursday June 19 at the Youth Hostel in Southease.

The Environment Agency and members of the Coastal Futures Group will formally open the Waking up to Tomorrow climate trail together.

It connects Seaford Esplanade, Tide Mills, Newhaven West Quay, the Youth Hostel at Southease and the Linklater Pavilion in Lewes.

An illustrated panel at these locations highlights future challenges and historical problems posed by the changing environment.

It also explains the potential adaptations to climate change for the area.

They explore the effects of sea level rise, increasing temperature, more intense rainfall and higher storm surges.

The five panels are all on, or close to, the Sussex Ouse Valley Way, connecting them on a 12.5 mile walking route.

The Environment Agency is lead partner in the Coastal Communities 2150 Project (CC2150) which helps communities get better prepared for the impacts of climate change over the next 150 years.

More than 1,600 homes and 700 commercial properties are currently at risk of flooding in Seaford and the lower Ouse valley.

CC2150 project manager for the Environment Agency John Gower said: “Our coast around South East England is changing and we all must be prepared for the future effects of climate change.

“The Climate Trail is a great way of allowing people to explore these long-term changes to their landscape and the effect on the communities that live there. It will provide a lasting legacy from CC2150 to educate present and future generations on the need for adaptation.

“By working together with communities in Seaford, Newhaven, Lewes and the surrounding parishes CC2150 has shown how communities can contribute to managing their flood risk and their local environment in the future.”

A meeting will be held on Monday July 7 to find new members for the Coastal Futures Group at the Hillcrest Centre, Newhaven (6pm to 8pm) Email CC2150@environment-agency.gov.uk