A solution to pavement parking in Lewes

Our MP has raised the subject of car drivers parking part or all of their cars on pavements in the town and persuading the authorities to look into the problem.

Maybe I’m wrong but I understand that the laws and regulations have been in place for years to take action against offenders but there are no enforcement officers and that is the problem.

With respect to cars parking on pavements and also on double yellow lines, a possible solution would be to employ wardens to record the details of the offending car and place a notice on the windscreen instructing the owner to report to the Lewes police station within 48 hours for the police to deal with the matter as they think fit. One warden could cover the trouble spots in the centre of town over the period from 9am to 5.30pm, two full-time wardens should be enough as the “message” would soon get out which later would enable them to help with other problems.

Probably cost to the public purse £50,000 pa including wages, payroll burdens and administration?

How to solve bicycle riders misdemeanours? That’s a much bigger subject. Any suggestions? I’ve got mine but it would more than the 400-word allocation.
Brian Beck