Attack on Farage is an hypocrisy

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I suppose we shouldn’t really expect honesty from the Liberal Democrats, the party which signed a pledge to freeze student fees, then, once they were in power, promptly reneged on the promise and voted for a whacking increase in them.

But the attack on Nigel Farage and other UKIP MEPs by Liberal Democrat Euro-candidate Antony Hook in last week’s ‘Express’ (Letters) takes the biscuit for monumental hypocrisy.

Mr Hook says Nigel ‘only’ took part in 50 percent of the votes in the European Parliament, but neglects to mention that his leader, Nick Clegg, only took part in 22 percent of votes in our British Parliament at Westminster.

Mr Hook misunderstands the role of UKIP in the European Parliament, which is not to support the charade of fake democracy there as his party does, but to represent their voters who want democracy and free trade, expose the EU’s undemocratic nature, and the fact that all key decisions are taken by the unelected bureaucrats of the European Commission.

The Liberal Democrats, as an editorial in the Daily Telegraph pointed out this week are ‘In favour of every federalist advance in Europe over the past 30 years. If they had had their way by now we would be in the Euro, our monetary policy would have been handed over to the Federal Bank in Frankfurt and our borders dismantled under the Schengen agreement’.

Voters in the European elections this May should remember that, as this shameful record shows, the Liberal Democrats ( as well as Mr Cameron’s Conservatives and Labour) favour the abolition of Britain as a free and independent nation, and sinking our country into the swamp of an undemocratic European super-state.

UKIP is the only party working to reverse this process and get us out of this nightmare.

Nigel Jones

UKIP European elections
candidate, SE England