Bored of elections? Try voting for a change.

Elections are not about me - they’re about all of us

Euro elections are here and your ballot paper offers you a dozen versions of the same old stew. But wait: there’s something a bit more tasty: you can vote for the abolition of capitalism…

The Socialist Party/World Socialist Movement is contesting the euro elections in the South East. This time you can say yes to forever scrapping this cockeyed system that takes from the poor and gives to the rich; that preaches austerity for the 95% whilst the elite get yet richer; where millionaire leaders shed crocodile tears over poverty as they live in luxury. Somehow it has been sold to us that this is usual – moreover it is the only way to organise society, and it is good and healthy. You could not make it up.

I am a candidate for the Socialist Party but it could be anyone. I am not important, you are. It’s not about me, or my group of cronies, it’s about all of us: we could share all the world. Scrap capitalism, abolish the monetary system and suddenly the playing field is not so uneven. We will not have achieved salvation but many of the idiocies of the current system will have gone: life will not be quite so problematic. No longer would the accountant who finds havens for the rich to hide their wealth to avoid tax earn a thousand times more than the carers looking after the health of your old aunt – because there would no longer be wages. No more wage slavery, just imagine. You’d be able to do what you do and be able to take what you need.

You will no doubt be told it’s mad and totally unachievable. But think what would have been

said about the internet or triple heart bypass surgery 50 years ago. Human beings are incredibly intelligent – just look at how much and how quickly we can achieve things when we set our minds to it – and we in the Socialist Party are simply saying the world can be organised in a more intelligent way. It cannot be seen as either intelligent or necessary that most of the wealth of the world is given to so few.

All the other parties offer you some variant of what we have already – possibly a few more checks and balances. Sadly history shows that, whatever the government, the rich come out on top. We are here to say it need not be like this. Join in this election and vote for a change.

If you are interested to find out more about the Socialist Party, see and (for those without a computer) write to: The Socialist Party, FREEPOST, London SW4 7BR.

Howard Pilott