Bus cuts! A hypocrite I am not

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I feel it is somewhat disingenuous of District Councillor Sarah Osborne to call me a hypocrite in her letter last week.

She knows as well as I do that over the past four years, the Coalition Government, (that’s Conservatives and Liberal Democrats), have reduced the funding awarded to councils across the country and cuts in services have had to be made.

Whenever I see buses, they may have two or three people on board, more often than not they are empty.

The bus stop featured in the article is for the 40 and 40X services and has no kerb for wheelchair access.

The service is commercially run, receives no council funding and is not subject to any reduction in service.

In an ideal world, it would be lovely to have lots of buses going here, there and everywhere at regular intervals.

Sadly, this is not possible.

When it came to the vote, I could of course have sat on the fence and abstained from voting. Alternatively, I could have played the good guy and voted against the cuts knowing full well my one vote would not have changed anything, but may have pleased the electorate.

However, one thing I am not is a hypocrite. Perhaps Sarah would like to explain to the gentleman in the wheelchair and the residents of St George’s Retirement Home in Ditchling why she thinks they don’t deserve to have the kerbs modified so wheelchair users can at least get on the bus. At present they can’t.

Cllr Jim Sheppard

Lewes District & East Sussex County Council