Bus cuts decision based on ideology

The nasty party is sadly still here and wrecking East Sussex. On 16 December the Tory cabinet of East Sussex County Council chose to ignore the full council vote and the majority of respondents in its consultation to reject the proposed bus cuts and fare increases and decided to implement the cuts and a 30 percent increase in fares from next April.

The financially illiterate councillors failed to understand the cost to the local economy in making the cuts as well as dismissing the fears of residents that the changes would make them isolated, mean lost jobs and increase health problems. This was an ideologically based decision to reduce public services and wage a war on the poor. The 27 percent cut to the council’s government grant was cited as a factor in the decision and of course the appalling LibDeM/Tory coalition government are cutters par excellence but the council has £300,000,000 in reserves and has chosen to spend millions on a road in Bexhill and millions on broadband instead of supporting vitally important public transport.

The battle goes on and isn’t yet lost but residents should contact their local Councillor to make their views known.

Tony Rowell