Campaign to help plight of workers

We hear of the recent terrible disaster that has occurred in the factory located in Bangladesh.

Protesters have been gathering in Brighton to highlight the plight of these workers, with the questionable ethics.

More than 500 bodies of these innocent people have since been recovered from the collapsed building, who were employed on the cheap to make vast profits for the companies concerned.

The owner was previously warned that the building was unsafe, however it had not been closed by the local officials.

This resulted in the factory continuing to trade and the people were still working there.

The engineer, who was helping the owner to add three further floors to the building, which was illegal, has now been arrested.

The five-storey garment factory were suppliers to major retailers in the UK.

However, with all the vast profits that they make, would it not be more appropriate to have their own factories in the UK, to ensure people are not exploited. Bring on Mary Portas.

D Myles

South Heighton