Cycling on the promenade - I would support referendum

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Mr Hill (letters, October 18) is quite right of course.

Clearly to give ‘an official stamp of approval’ to cyclists mixing with pedestrians along the Seaford Promenade must be asking for trouble.

Visualise the chaos of a beautiful sunny August bank holiday with the Prom packed with families represented by several generations, parents with prams and toddlers and grandma and granddad out for a relaxing stroll suddenly interrupted with screams and tears as a cyclist ploughs into them.

It only has to happen once for our lovely town to receive a label we certainly don’t want.

In his excellent letter, Mr Hill mentions liability insurance and of course following approval the liability would become that of the Town Council which almost certainly would be found negligent. Furthermore it is likely that the taxpayer’s purse would be required to provide compensation because insurance would quickly be found invalid as a result of the ridiculous survey allegedly to support the 12 month trial period now under way. It is likely therefore that negligence would pass from the perpetrator, who no longer would be breaking the law, to the Town Council - in other words the people of Seaford. Littering the Prom with yet more signs, won’t solve the liability problem.

Certainly, in accordance with UKIP policy, I would support a referendum on this issue as Mr Hill suggests.

Alan Latham