Daftest set of schemes ever

I refer to your front page and page 2 in your paper 1 April (sorry, 11 July). Readers may have read plenty of articles and contributions that have made them wonder and I guess including some of mine but this must be the daftest set of schemes ever promoted not only for Lewes but probably the UK.

Cost £billions?

What is the hill construction material, steel, concrete, earth or a combination of all three as there seems to be quite a few trees?

“The twittens would cascade through small squares down towards the river”, presumably this will also apply to all points of the compass that will also apply to rainwater, if there were drains the car park would be flooded.

How much did the Cuilfail tunnel cost? This underground tunnel would make that look like change. I’ll leave other bits.

Please Voice for Lewes don’t set up the town for ridicule and change your name.

Brian Beck