English reputation badly tarnished when it comes to patriotism

On the topic of “vexology” I write in response to the nameless letter that appeared on your letters pages on May 30.

Regarding displaying of flags, or what have you, I read a prayer entitled Desiderata (may be misspelt because I read it in the 1970s) which I think was found in St Paul’s Church, Baltimore, USA, where I’m sure I read this quote: “Nationalism and patriotism are factors in war; one should be a child of the universe; no greater or less”.

With that in mind, if I pop over to nearby France, I inform some of the French in their “langue maternelle” that I’m a British tourist or World Citizen. This is because I know that some of the French, alas, think “English” is synonymous with the past Irish gang Hooligan, who I read terrorised East London a few centuries ago.

Not surprising, when folks of the “lower deck” cheer on Leeds United performers with their vastly inflated pay, for playing around with a 16oz inflated soccer ball. And when they lost 2-1 to Bayern Munich AFC in a past final, they wrecked some of Parc des Princes stadium in Paris, in the name of sport, if you please, and tarnished Angleterre’s reputation.

Felipe Hewlett