Ersham Farm - huge community cost

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THE proposal flies in the face of Hailsham’s status as a self sustaining market town. It is not supported by adequate infrastructure or services, adds a mere 35 dwellings to the housing stock, while hundreds remain unsold on the numerous new housing developments in and around the town.

It can only add to the existing traffic problems that have not been adequately addressed by either WDC Planning or ESCC Highways and Transportation.

The Planning Officer has been ominously silent about the obvious threat to the rest of the farm (60 hectares that is 160 acres to you and me), once the existing farm infrastructure (1.7 hectares) that underpins the successful farming operation is removed.

The insistence on including the new cycleway to link with the”Cuckoo Trail”, when there are ample other and more convenient access points via the neighbouring Grove Park Estate also looks odd, other than it casts a shadow for future development across the existing pristine farmland – farmland that is a haven for flora and fauna and is regularly enjoyed by visitors and locals alike

Major issues on drainage, potential flooding and effluent treatment appear to have been glossed over as have the sustainability and potential archaeological value of the site. It is difficult to see who really gains from this proposal other than the beneficiaries of the WE Vine Trust.

There is however a significant cost to the community to build just 35 new dwellings.

David Mitchell,