EU - we are no longer a superpower

Interesting isn’t it that, as I read the letter from little Englander Nigel Jones, UKIP, in last week’s Express, of all the things he evidently thinks are terrible, I wouldn’t object to very much?

In particular, joining the euro. Had we done so from the start we might not still be in the economic slump we’re still experiencing as a result of the Bank of England’s ‘light regulatory touch’ on this country’s over-mighty financial sector.

More widely, the idea that a country the size of ours can go it alone in a global economy is outdated and somewhat pathetic.

What we need is a bigger, trans-national government to stand up to global corporations, not cowering behind the barriers and hoping it will all go away.

Not that the EU is perfect: it’s very far from that. But I’d rather be inside arguing for a better EU than outside the walls shouting the odds to very little avail.

Britain needs to get a grip on the reality of its situation, and stop assuming it’s still a global superpower. Those days are long gone.

Manek Dubash