Extra runway - annoying those residents below

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Annoying those residents below

They fly in to Heathrow and Gatwick and they fly our over our “green and pleasant land”, namely Kent, E Sussex and Surrey.

And yet, our Government and advisers continue to suggest extra runways that will increase the over-land fly that annoys the bulk of residents under the flight paths.

I live under the flight paths and the repercussions can be far reaching, for instance, employment, where film companies will not sign a contract to film where there is an over-flight noise that will inhibit filming.

The obvious established airports of Lydd, Manston and even Boris Island have hardly any overland flight and would bring much-needed jobs and infrastructure to the gateway to Britain.

One has to wonder what leverage Gatwick and Heathrow have to make such a convincible case for annoying so many under flight residents.

Tony Smith