Fracking - NIMBYism reigns supreme in Balcombe

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I am disgusted at the degree of NIMBYism being demonstrated by Balcombe residents over the “fracking” affair.

For 64 years, my home was on the B2036 north of Cuckfield. I commuted from Balcombe station and remember well when Conoco drilled their well at the present disputed site (and found un-commercial amounts of oil) and in Broxmead Lane, Bolney. The disruption was minimal.

Why not let Cuadrilla drill and see what they find. Then will be the time to review the situation in a calm and measured manner. The present hysteria about earthquakes, water pollution, flares, industrialisation, traffic disruption is mostly born out of ignorance and is merely feeding the media and drawing in the usual collection of revolutionary rabble from other parts of the country who delight in making trouble.

On the subject of transport, I have heard no mention of the effect that the feared earthquakes might have on Balcombe tunnel and the viaduct! Also has anyone visited the oil well, active and producing, in Charlton forest north of Goodwood? No noise, no pollution, not many people even know it is there.

I agree with Mr Thomason, letters July 25. The protesters will be the first to complain when fuel runs short and energy becomes prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, is it not extremely desirable that as a nation we strive towards self sufficiency in energy? Or perhaps the residents of Balcombe prefer to remain dependant on supplies from Russia, Algeria, the Middle East, Iran, Indonesia etc. countries not renowned for their stability and reliability.


Coldharbour Lane, North Chailey, Lewes