Gulls doing us service

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I WAS interested in your front page article last week about attacks on herring gulls.

A few weeks ago I was intrigued to see groups of these gulls, perhaps 25 or 30 in a group, combing the road edges and verges, as well as some gardens, for ants to eat. The male ants and the queen ants come out at this time, intending to mate and start a new colony.

The gulls must eat millions of them, as there were groups of them all over the town, and presumably in other areas as well.

Without these gulls, the ant population would be hugely greater, much to our discomfort sometimes!

They also do a good job scavenging, and so cleaning up dead animal parts,including bones, in the environment.

I hope the attacks will stop, or the perpetrators found. I know the birds can sometimes be a nuisance, and our cars suffer! But I have found that the damage caused by humans is much more serious and lasting.

Patrick McCausland,