Hard work destroyed by vandals

ALONG with Ruth O’Keeffe, and a small band of volunteers, I have been bringing back in to cultivation the flower beds by old Magistrates’ Court in Friars Walk, Lewes.

Earlier this year one bed was damaged by a vandal emptying two or three bags of domestic vacuum cleaner waste over the young plants.

We salvaged a lot of the crop and the bed began to look good again. But on Sunday I discovered that some-one had stolen all the gypsophilia which were the edging plants on one side.

No-one pays us to keep these beds in order. We do it because neither the county nor the district want the responsibility of the upkeep.

Many people have expressed gratitude and pleasure at seeing the beds in flower and so this most recent act of vandalism has been particularly distressing.

Donations to keep the scheme running may be left for Cllr O’Keeffe at Lewes Town Hall, and will be gratefully received, and acknowledged.

Stephen Catlin,

Independent Town Councillor for Lewes Priory Ward