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I’m writing to appeal to your readers to get involved and show their support for The Satachi Medical Innovation Bill before the consultation ends on 27 April.

If passed, the Bill will help doctors, surgeons and clinicians prescribe, with their patient’s consent, safe and effective innovative treatments and cures for fatal diseases.

As a dad of a young boy with the fatal disease Duchenne, I am passionate about making this Bill a reality as it is currently in the consultation stage.

The Government supports the Bill but will only make it law if we, the public, demand it. They

need to be overwhelmed by the interest from individuals, businesses and doctors that want to have a framework in place that allows them to innovate and save lives beyond just using the standard care that may well not have changed in the past 40 years.

I want boys like Harrison, patients from the South East and all across the UK diagnosed in the years to come to have a chance at life. One in 17 of us will be diagnosed with a rare disease. And 53% of all cancers diagnosed are rare. That’s millions of people across the UK.

Diseases touch every single person and we all deserve the right to the very best efforts and most noble intentions of our medical innovators.

We’re asking everyone to take a moment to read the Bill, share this knowledge with family and friends and empower a generation of people to take control of their own health.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share the#Saatchibill to help spread the word before the end of April.

To sign the petition visit

Alex Smith,

Founder of

Harrison’s Fund and

Co-founder of Duchenne