Keep cyclists off Promenade

AS a Seaford resident born in the town, I have strong views about the possible changes from no cycling to shared pedestrian and cyclist use on Seaford Promenade and the out of order request from the Cycle Seahaven Group.

It also appears that in April, the previous Seaford Town Council’s position on seafront cycling was that they would work with groups including Cycle Seahaven to provide shared use of the Promenade for cyclists and pedestrians. This is also supported by the Community Police Team in Seaford. I do hope the new council have different views.

If this change takes place, there will be an accident waiting to happen with even more cyclists using the promenade. Currently cyclists are ignoring the ‘no cycling’ signs, with disregard to pedestrians, using the promenade as a cycle lane and ready-made race track, as well as a place to teach children to ride bikes.

You cannot walk safely, especially with cyclists coming from behind without warning. Not all bikes have bells on them these days. It is a pedestrian walkway only, not for cycling as well, so the public should stand up and object or be knocked down. I hope that a full consultation will take place by the governing bodies East Sussex County Council, Seaford Town Council and Seaford Police.

All of these groups know of my concerns. For years it has been in the pipeline to continue the cycle lane on the seafront along the road from Edinburgh Road towards Splash Point, but it must definitely not be on the Promenade.

E W Hill,