Keep our country lanes protected

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In Marvis Clark’s parish pump column (August 22 edition)about a proposed footway/footpath in Beechwood Lane, Cooksbridge from the A275 to the village hall, is most welcome.

Installing sa costly footpath on safety ground will only raise council tax, lead to lane widening, speedingand inevitable accidents. It is well knows that windinf lanes slow traffic down.

As a resident artist in this parish aince 1959, I view this prospect with dismay as do many others.

In 1967, I met the late Poet Laureate, Sir John Betjeman, at Claytonwhere the narrow lane alongside the South Downs remains unspoilt. He was against urbanisation of the countrysideand would not have approved of footway/footpaths in our prettypeaceful byways, cherished also by horse riders and cyclists.

Footways destroy these beauty spots.

Our country lanes must be protected before they are lost forever.

Moira Hoddell