Labour now second party in Lewes

The results in the Lewes Town ward elections show an interesting story which you didn’t report on your website.

While independent Ruth O’Keefe should be congratulated for winning (albeit with a smaller majority than before) the real story is the order of the parties polling behind her.

The fact that the Liberals came fourth (and the Tories sixth) shows that Lewes Town no longer trusts its habitual ruling party.

It should put an end to the myth that only the Liberals can win against the Tories in Lewes.

While some may claim that the dissatisfaction of the Con-Dem government played its part, the growing dissatisfaction of the Liberal Democrat domination of our town for more than 15 years should not be ignored.

The fact that the Labour party is now the second party in Lewes (after the Greens) shows that a vote for Labour is not a wasted vote.

Real attention should be paid to these two parties in the run up to the district and town council elections in 2015, as they have a real chance of breaking through to become a ruling majority.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle

General Committee member, Lewes Constituency Labour Party