Let public vote on future

ONCE again plans are in the pipeline for a new development in Newhaven which is not agreeable for everyone. I cannot see any benefit for the Newhaven people. When the councils decided to build a ring-road around Newhaven, it killed the town, which was once a thriving community with many shops.

It is the town that needs regenerating, not more supermarkets. We do not have a need for four supermarkets, people only have a certain amount of income to spend.

The giants now monopolise their control over the country with vast profits made every year.

These projects are big money spinners. What the taxpayer spends their money on will still not benefit the town. We lost our biggest investor, the Parker Pen Company and now Natwest, all the building societies have gone and there is no incentive for outsiders to visit Newhaven town as it is now a ghost town.

The council should put the votes to the people as to what they would like in their town. I am sure they would come up with some ideas. It is a sad loss to the town to see it in decline. The shops that stand empty make no revenue for the town and we will end up with just cafes and cake shops, just like Dieppe.

Mrs D Myles, South Heighton