Letter: Another lost opportunity in Newhaven

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It seems the Railway Quarter development in Newhaven is yet another lost opportunity. Can someone from the developers please tell me how building yet another supermarket will bring trade to the town.

It’s not about getting people to just shop in Newhaven, it’s getting them to stay in Newhaven and spend their money and for that to happen Newhaven needs attractions. Being a major port it brings in countless thousands of people, but what is there when they arrive? Absolutely nothing!

The high street is dead on its feet, and that is the picture most people see, a rundown, scruffy port, leading into a rundown, scruffy town, blighted by unemployment and empty shops. Where in this plan is the beautifying of the town and port? Where are the trees, the plants and the landscaping?

The idea of renovating some of the dilapidated buildings is a great idea and more should be done to upgrade some of the beautiful Victorian architecture, but another multinational supermarket is not.

We are told that this will bring in over 300 jobs. However, most of those jobs will be part time and paying the minimum wage, hardly a major boost for the local economy.

Tesco could have made a big impact on the community if it had allowed a local business to run the cafe they envisage. The opening of a cafe will probably spell disaster for those still managing to stay open in the High Street. And as for the rest of plan it just seems to be one huge car park. Very sophisticated!

For Newhaven to succeed it needs to attract those with disposable income, which means trying to find attractions other than supermarkets. One local resident stated that Dieppe is really nice and she is right. Entering Newhaven what do you see – industry to the right and nasty modern architecture to the left. Hardly a showcase for an attractive town. The developers’ idea is that maybe this renovation will help boost the economy and hopefully stimulate an increase in business. Sadly on this occasion I think it will fail.

Derek A Coles