LETTER: Better causes to fight for surely?

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How refreshing to read the letter from Richard Partridge (March 25) which brings a sense of proportion to the furore surrounding the future of Lewes Post Office.

In the great scheme of things, does it really matter what the post office is called or where it is located as long as it’s accessible and with good facilities.

As Mr Partridge says the current location is inconvenient for most and very frustrating when, having struggled up School Hill, one finds the queue stretching on to the pavement.

There seems to be a section of Lewes society that likes nothing more than to campaign against change of any sort, without really considering whether or not it’s beneficial for the people of the town.

As for organising a boycott of Smiths, the rumoured new location, surely there are far more worthwhile causes for those with time, energy and moral indignation to spare?

Kevin Froude