Letter: Bombarded with pleas

I WONDER if the scale on which the public is being bombarded/deluged with charity requests is fully appreciated. During only the past month my wife has received begging letters, telephone calls (many seeking an open-ended commitment), from the following: Macmillan Cancer, British Legion, Lifeboats, IFAW, Cats Protection, PDSA, Cruelty to Bears, Donkey Sanctuary, Children in Need, Horses, Wounded Servicemen, Barnardos, Cystic Fibrosis, Great Ormond Street, Help the Blind, Oxfam, Water Aid, Overseas Disability, Feed My People, Mother Theresa Foundation, One Gift Smile Train, Epilepsy Society.

All worthy causes, but the sheer volume is likely to be counter-productive.

I suggest a charities conference to discuss this.

Mr G D Vinell, Isfield