LETTER: Frankly it is a total mess

I am writing to say please no more development of Nevill Green.

Quite frankly what is happening to the green is a total mess and a complete over-development of what was, and should remain, an attractive open green space.

Firstly there were the concrete ramps and unattractive hand rails. Next the children’s fenced in play space and now the major extension of the play area which takes up even more open green space.

In my view what is currently being constructed is way over the top, totally out of scale and more appropriate for Monkey World than a small green area in a residential area.

I understand that talking to the organisers of the long established St Mary’s Sports Day that they were not consulted on what is now happening.

Indeed, I also understand that the Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Society that also use the green were also not consulted. The space now being taken up will seriously prejudice the long-established sports day races that use the perimeter of the green.

It is now proposed to locate a trim trail on the green which will again be a further encroachment of hard physical development onto a green open space.

Even further open green play area will be lost and no doubt will attract more traffic into the area.

I remain totally unimpressed by what is happening and now is the time to call a halt to the over-development of this small green open space.

The trim trail should not be located on the Nevill Green. Enough is enough.

Peter Masters

South Way, Lewes