LETTER: Goal posts have been moved

The 123 bus runs from Newhaven to Lewes. Past Piddinghoe towards Southease a view of a snaking Ouse. Full tide. Road at road level, flood bank 4 to 5’, river 1 to 2’ below the top of the bank.

In other words if the 2,000+ flood bank was not there neither would be the bus or the road to Lewes.

On late Saturday afternoon I was describing this to a meeting in the sub Castro church of the Pell’s residents. This meeting had been called to discuss the North Street Quarter development of 400 new homes by Santon.

Lewes has been flooded 40x in the last 1,000 years. The department of the environment said nobody should build on a flood plain. The North Street Quarter is a flood plain. When specifically asked about this area goal posts were departmentally moved, “...as long as there are adequate flood defences.” Money talking?

Somerset Levels to Cumbria seas are rising, rain is increasing, surprisingly rivers are as well. The Ouse will not be left out, in spite of having its extra turn 16 years ago.

The sub Castro meeting? Flooding risk to 400 houses in the North Street Quarter? “We have lost the argument.” Fine. Has anybody explained that to shifting weather patterns? “You are not allowed to flood any more.”

Colin Frost-Herbert

Abinger House

Abinger Place