LETTER: We do not need more houses for the wealthy

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I’d just like to say we do not need any more houses built in Lewes for the wealthy and ‘Down from London’.

If you go and look at the property list of the whole country, there are so many propeties up for sale and rent, but they are way beyond everyday people prices.

What they should be doing is REDUCING the prices for more affordable prices making sure they are not being sold to the wealthy people.

What the Lewes councillors are doing is driving out the Lewes people from their home town.

Also Lewes railway car park is a very popular one and can get very full up.

One more thing I’m getting fed up with the people complaining about the referendum, when we went in with a referendum we went in with ONLY 10 and we weren’t very please with it, we had accepted it, so you people accept it, we are out of the EU and for the better.

The sooner everyone accepts it the better! The other thing we went straight in, so we should come straight out!

M A Huxtable

Crisp Road