Letter: Which is worse - jingle or wump?

LAST week’s Express printed a letter from Dr Tony Parker. In it he highlighted the noise pollution now being emitted from the controversial Glyndebourne wind turbine. It is in the form of a mechanical whirring and wump wump sound that locals are having to suffer.

Somehow it doesn’t appear to get too much attention from Lewes Council who approved its construction.

On the same day in the national press Waltham Forest Council in East London sent two noise pollution officers to the home of a gentleman who resides in Walthamstow and ordered him to remove his wind-chimes. These four aluminium tubes measuring five inches in length were causing a neighbour stress by continuous jingling.

Now, I can’t decide which is worse, Mr Christie’s wind turbine going wump, wump with continuous whirring, or the wind chimes jingling continuously. As TV Burps Harry Hill would say ‘There’s only one way to find out’. Altogether now...

P T Baker, Lewes