Lib-Dems will never learn

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The Lib-Dems will never learn. Cllr Lambert is spreading spurious allegations about UKIP on her blog.

Cllr Howson did not ask her advice about how to reduce death and injury on the roads. We offered our assistance on helping the Lib-Dem group achieve this.

UKIP will work with ANY party that we think benefits the people of E Sussex.

Cllr Carstairs was turning off his phone as were a few councillors from different parties. We did not interrupt the meeting. We voted with Labour and the Tories for the extra 13 million on the Bexhill link road. Not to do so, would have been extremely irresponsible. The Lib-Dems abstained. You only abstained because you realised, with the Labour vote, it was going to be passed anyway.

The Lib-Dems voted for the Bexhill link road with no hesitation in the first place. Perhaps it was because the cameras were on and you thought it may get you a few votes.

The way to get votes, is to have real policies, stick to them, not sit on the fence and not play politics.

I was criticised a short while ago. I was told that we will have to make some tough decisions. UKIP have, for the benefit of the people of E Sussex. I noticed that you have only had two comments on your blog since MAY.

As you only won by 25 votes, you have not learnt a thing. What a cop out for the people who have elected you. As for policies, what are they? Free education (Nick Clegg); cheaper rail fares (Norman Baker) I’m not paying for my meals (Nick Clegg) on and on. Have you told the electorate in your free paper that you deliver to people’s homes, that it was the Lib-Dems who very nearly bankrupted the county in 2001. I doubt it. Have you asked your colleague Cllr Butler to listen to the serious debates in chamber? I doubt it. UKIP are putting our heads down and getting on with what is best for the county, not playing political games. You should try it. So please Cllr Lambert, don’t play politics, the people have had enough of that. They deserve better.

Cllr Charlton

UKIP Ouse Valley East