Living on a meagre pension is a disgrace

We listened to all the budget promises. How can the government bestow 25p when you get to 80 years of age.

This is a total insult to any pensioner who has worked all their lives for a decent pension.

We are not in line with other European countries as they receive much more than us.

We are not impressed by George Osbourne’s budget.

We give more to other countries but make cutbacks on our own country.

Charity begins at home. Who ever gets in at the next election will be no different. Young people today are not in a position to be able to buy their first home or rent because of the extortionate rents by landlords.

We are too lenient with our benefit system. Claimants should be given work in the community one day a week to earn their benefit.

How can George Osbourne say families will be better off. This is a pipe-dream. He plans to cut the welfare spending by £12 billion. He needs to cut the MPs’ salaries. Will they look forward to their 25p when they reach 80?

They have all failed the working class people. Now they want to raise £6 million in taxes. The government lives beyond its means spending more than it receives, so it borrows more. The people must decide what they want for the future and who to vote for.

D Myles