Moving shingle on Seaford beach a waste of money

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The gales removed all the shingle from Seaford beach and exposed a lovely stretch of sandy beach.

The people of Seaford turned out in great numbers on Sunday 16th February to enjoy a pleasant day at the seafront.

It appears to be clear that the town is not in danger of flooding and that the presence of vast quantities of shingle is not necessary to provide defence. I understand that it costs £240,000 per year to move the shingle along the beach.

This is a total waste of money, a fraction of which could be spent on repairing and strengthening the sea wall. I and many others want our beach back.

This could be one of the best beaches on the south coast and would regenerate the town and provide money to further develop Seaford bay with projects such as sink a warship to provide diving and fishing facilities and more groynes and rock pools.

It is time for the seafront policy to be carefully reviewed.

Cllr Frank Carstairs

UKIP Seaford Dutton