Overcrowding on trains at the Amex Stadiun should be a major concern

On my first visit to the Amex Stadium (Brighton v Bournemouth) on Friday, I was most impressed with the stadium and the facilities within.

The atmosphere reminded me of the old Goldstone days. Although I could not hear the north stand singing much, the South Stand (Bournemouth) were in good voice. We went by car from Uckfield to Lewes then caught the train which was included in the cost of the ticket for the match. The train journey to Falmer was okay but the return trip I can only describe as horrific.

Having managed to board the train, we were firmly wedged against the door opposite the one we had just come through.

A young lad was completely submerged by the extremely high on-coming tide of people with nothing to stop the flow.

People just kept coming in. I am still wondering how the doors managed to close.

I know it’s only a short trip to Lewes, but I will never do it again. There will have to be drastic changes to make me.

On reconsideration, yes, the stadium is fabulous but anything connected to it must be well oiled and in good working order, especially where the public are concerned. To those responsible, do something now, don’t wait until there is a major disaster.

John Haffenden