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Last week’s Express has quite a number entries that could cover a number of letters with questions and comments on points of view expressed. To keep the word count low, I’ll try a digest format,here goes.

Page 4: A Voice for Lewes – Now we know the collective names of the professionals it would be

interesting to be told their professions.

Pages 6 &11: Norman Baker seizes opportunity for photo shoots to support petition for Western Road loos and to Walk a Country Mile. Is there a general election in the offing?

Page 12: A Voice for Lewes - A dinosaur park in west Lewes to attract younger tourists. Questions - Site of park and car/coach parking? Do they know that Newhaven has one very attractive to youngsters? With all their schemes have they done any costings?

Page 32: Twenty column inch letter by Green Party Susan Murray slating Norman Baker. Questions Is that the longest letter on record? Is there a general election in the offing? Comments on content I and many of my friends are totally underwhelmed at the thought of visiting Brighton and only go there when it’s necessary. Hove is fine and I have some sympathy for the residents.

Susan Murray is not convinced in the safety regime that operates in the UK for fracking. I suggest she reads the independent report by the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering which concludes that, with controlled monitoring, it will be safe. That monitoring regime of oil and gas production is by the Health and Safety Executive that has been in operation for years and is acknowledged as the most stringent in the world.

Gas fired power stations are essential to maintain a reliable continuous power supply especially when the wind is light or not blowing at all and the “big businesses” who build these burn methane the main component of natural gas and shale gas

fuels so why would they leak it.

The depth of technical ineptitude evident among our politicians reached a low point when the Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett, was challenged on the fact that power supply from wind turbines was intermittent she replied “so is demand”. As far as “our climate change targets” are concerned has the Green Party explained why there has been no global warming for 15 years despite increased levels of green-house gases.

Page 32: Lloyd Russell-Moyle the Labour Party Candidate letter: Why has Simon Kirby Tory

MP objected to the Rampion wind farm. Maybe it’s because he recognises that there will be no guarantee of a sure power supply and he has realised that the statement – that it will supply 450,000 homes – is a deception that most MPs have fallen for, including David Cameron.

In fact EON have admitted that over a year, the farm may have generated power “equivalent to the needs of” that number an entirely different thing. The wind turbines are not going to be assembled at Newhaven so there won’t be 750 jobs. Others have quoted 100 for the base who will presumably be technicians and qualified tradesmen.How many of these are there locally based?

I hope readers have found all this digestable.

Brian Beck FEA