Replying to Mike and Dirk

I’LL try to reply to Mike and Dirk taking into account the wishes of Robert Hill who doesn’t like long letters.

First Dirk Campbell: As I said I took the information from Ovesco’s Community Share Offer. I did not suggest Ovesco was a profit making organisation. Four percent is 1/25th so one can see how I drew the conclusion that it was an interest free loan. Nowhere in the offer did it quantify the allocation of the balance of the FiT income. As the investors have provided the necessary capital, why is FiT income needed to pay off the capital cost. Small installations like Harvey’s will obviously have a minimal effect on electricity bills but what if these takes off over the whole country then it would be significant. A 5MW solar farm is to be installed near Billingshurst 13 hectares in area (equivalent to 18 football pitches). That will attract a considerable FiT income. There are varying contradictory reports on the state of electricity in the countries he mentions but Denmark imports most of its electricity from Germany and Scandinavia. Germany is closing its nuclear power stations. It will be importing from nuclear France and coal fired Poland; As for tidal power, the tide is still and slack four times a day; What back up should be used when renewables are not performing? It has been decreed that future modern nuclear power stations will not be subsidised and the industry has accepted that. Would the renewable industry survive without subsidy.

Mike Jones: I do doubt AGW and have done so starting with Al Gore’s book which has been found to contain errors and wild forecasts eg sea level rise by end of century of 20’, the IPCC last report was about 18”. I asked some warmists if we could discuss some worries such as how do you explain high levels of CO2 in previous interglacial periods before mankind. The reply was they wouldn’t waste time with a flat earther. I am for modern nuclear, gas and coal fired power stations to ensure a reliable provision of power although, due to delay over the last decade, I believe that we can expect an energy crisis before 2020. I believe that planning consideration should be based on site wind conditions and not ignored under legislation (Glyndebourne can go ahead despite an output of less than 20 percent of the rated capacity).

I have other interests that I hope are use-full but they are private. I do admit that I did waste a lot of time campaigning against the ESCC’s disgraceful closure of the St Anne’s Special Education Needs School.

Brian Beck, Lewes