Ridgewood Farm site - Council ready to squeeze on more houses

The Uckfield annual town council meeting was held on April 17 in the civic centre, this gave residents of Uckfield the opportunity to ask questions about any topic to the town councillors.Subjects varied from dog control orders to the proposed re-designing of the High Street.I asked a question about the Ridgewood Farm development, the proposed 1,000 houses south west of Uckfield, in particular about SANGS suitable alternative natural green spaces, which are required due to the site being within 7km of the Ashdown Forest.

Wealden district council stated that due to odours from the sewage works and some of the site classified as a flood plain, all the required SANGS cannot be incorporated within the site.

WDC’s core strategy states any short fall of SANGS will be subject to the acquisition of appropriate land by the developers.

WDC now state they are assessing potential sites including Boothland Woods, the Millennium green and other appropriate green spaces in Uckfield to supplement the short fall. Surely these areas are for the benefit of the present population of Uckfield not for developers to use to squeeze more houses on their site. Uckfield town council say they have no power to stop this development!

With all the other developments in the pipeline, it won’t be a case of people referring to Uckfield town but to that massive housing estate off the A22.

Mel Sanders