Road users suffering

Am I alone in wondering if East Sussex Highways Department has totally lost its marbles?

I have just spend another frustrating day trying to get from client to client across East Sussex. At every turn, or so it seems, a road is closed and some tortuous diversion set up. The record was both the A267 and Newick Lane being closed at the same time north from Heathfield, meaning that only the most experienced map reader to get from south to north of the county.

I assume some bright spark in the department has worked out that it is cheaper for ESCC to commission road works to be completed over a totally closed road rather than a traffic light system. There might on first impressions appear to be some logic there but this totally fails to recognise the massively greater impact that this awful policy has the wider economy. Those who rely on the road network are suffering hugely whether, like me, you travel to see clients or you are a shop pub or other business keen to encourage the public to come to you.

ESCC please listen. This experiment has failed and should not be repeated.

Loe Hickish

Bodle Street Green