Siding with the Conservatives

Members of the Fire Brigades’ Union have been expressing anger at the senseless waste of money proposed over attendance at a ‘Conference’.

This belligerent attitude to public funds, does not surprise me. Difficult decisions over cuts to the service were recently made by the Authority, but this appears to rub salt into the wounds of hard pressed and hard working fire service personnel.

I will be interested to see the reaction of the UKIP Chair of the Authority Cllr Phil Howson, to the invite.

Councillor Howson has been gifted both the Chair of the Fire Authority, along with its £11,000+ per year (including expenses) by Tory Conservatives at East Sussex County Council and a cabinet post, along with a salary of over £5,500 (plus expenses) per year at Lewes District Council by Tories there.

It appears at least, that the ex-Conservative councillor is happy to accept lucrative positions within his former ranks, despite turning his back on them in 2013.

Why his former colleagues would chose to offer him such influential and well paid positions is a complete mystery. Why Cllr Howson also chooses to vote with the Tories on every important and often contentious item, is equally bewildering.

The Conservatives minority position at Lewes District Council and support necessary for unpopular and expensive schemes such as the Hastings Link Road, while cutting support for desperately needed bus services at East Sussex County Council, is causing many to draw some inevitable conclusions.

Let’s hope that the Chair makes the right choice and stays away from the conference. The hard-working members of the Fire Brigades’ Union across the county will be looking closely at his decision and his advice to the members of his Fire Authority.

In the meantime, it has been announced that after turning his back on the Tories and saying he could not work with them only a few months ago, Cllr Adeniji has been persuaded to return to the Tory ranks.

What has caused this about face is another mystery, but what the newly dubbed ‘Cllr Flip Flop’ is set to gain from it, is eagerly anticipated. His trustworthiness and integrity by Seaford residents must now come under close scrutiny.

Cllr Steve Saunders