The ‘clowns’ now direct the circus

What the Conservatives called “the clowns” has now backfired on them in a spectacular manner.

I am pleased to announce to all the voters of Hailsham that I came first for UKIP with 1,769 votes and just missed ousting Councillor Bennett.

The Conservatives, Labour and

Liberals are now backtracking and running scared of UKIP and its mandate from the people. That is why UKIP is now directing policy.

To that end, I would like all the residents to understand that I am always available to assist the voters and at the same time to thank them for their faith, kindness and understanding in voting for me.

You will be pleased to note that I am taking other measures to ensure that my district of Hailsham will always be a power base for UKIP.

David Younge

UKIP Candidate