The economy is far from stable for majority

Is Norman Baker from another planet? In a recent letter to the Sussex Express he suggests that I have advocated an economic policy,

I haven’t, but that if this fictitious economic policy was implemented we would have a much less stable economy and that the people that would suffer most would be those I want to help. He also suggests that I imply if the Green Party were running things then we would all be in a land of milk and honey. I suggest we certainly wouldn’t be in a land of food banks as we are under his government.

Under the current regime the economy is far from stable for the majority of people. For example, the number of jobless women has soared to a record high of 1 million, and low paid women have been firmly shut out of the recovery (Fawcett Society), nearly 40% of new jobs since 2010 are in insecure self employment ‘Self employment soars, adding to fears on recovery’ (The Guardian), current policies will increase child poverty by 1.4 million by 2020 (Save the children), benefits have been cut for the most vulnerable and inflation is 3 times the rate of earnings.

These are just a snapshot of the results of this government’s disastrous policies.

Perhaps Mr Baker is attempting to become the Iain Duncan Smith of the Liberal Democrats in that he doesn’t want the facts to get in the way of propaganda and myth.

Tony Rowell