UKIP’s splendid isolation policy is impossible

Unfortunately, recent letters to the Express from Ukip supporters have been characteristically intemperate and hectoring.

Fortunately they were not on the radio, or we would all be deaf. They are in revealing contrast to correspondence from Lib Dems which are sober, factual and well reasoned. I would say that, wouldn’t I? I am a Lib Dem!

Consequently, I am delighted that Lenny Henry is a British star and living here. I do not believe that gay marriages cause heavy downpours, nor do I think women should be banned from wearing trousers. I am content for Nigel Farage to have a German ( should that be immigrant?) wife. I do believe that green energy is the way forward, for without it there will be no country worth inheriting, or continent for that matter, by future generations. But then short termism seems to be another characteristic of Ukip. We won’t be around to see the devastating effect of global climate change, nor the damage to the economy and lower living standards by withdrawing from the EU. So who cares? Some of us do!

Splendid Isolation is a Victorian policy and is simply impossible in today’s global village – unless North Korea is a role model. The UK belongs to the richest club in the world, the EU. It’s on our doorstep, is effectively a domestic market and it creates wealth for all its members and, possibly more importantly, it has preserved peace on the continent. It has a membership fee, just like any bowls, philatelic or even a tiddly winks club. Belonging to any club allows members to steer policy, even to change it democratically. Membership brings responsibility. (Ukip has admitted it is wrong about Britain’s fee, but leaflets distributed locally still carry the inflated figure. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?)

Ukip is contesting the forthcoming EU election because it wants to leave the club. Is this adult behaviour? It is certainly lucrative for members and, of course, the longer they take to leave, the more lucrative it becomes. How long did it take the Ukip leader to amass his reported two million?

The way to effect positive, beneficial change is to fight from within. Well, I would say that, wouldn’t ? I’m a Lib Dem and I want IN.

Alan Whittaker

Uckfield Lib Dem Councillor