Why is rising house prices a good thing?

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I just can’t understand why the people are being misled to believe house prices going up is such good news. National headlines on Monday, April 1, stated that house values will rise £45,000 – or was this an April fool’s joke?

In the event that that was to happen, it would make no difference to house owners’ lives at all, that money is not really in existence, and you sell a house for a house. It just creates more debt for those getting a mortgage for the first time.

The real answer would be to employ developers to build homes for around £85,000 for people to buy, but not allow them to sell them on, only through a new system that would simply pay you the capital back, then fine another buyer at that same price, then mums need not have to work for the mortgage or rent, couples could see more of each other, be able save for their eventual pension, children would have a better time and maybe become better adults.

May I invite readers to visit www.campaign-for-change.co.uk for the answer to our housing problems.

We should be reminded that the problems in Ireland, Spain, and America are mainly because of building houses while telling people they are a good investment, and it all went wrong.

Laurence Keeley