Youth mayor elections

Teenagers are being urged to sign up for the chance to become Hailsham’s next youth mayor.

People aged 16-18 can complete an online nomination form to take on the post from Chelsie McIntosh, 17, a pupil of Hailsham Community College.

The newly elected candidate will hold the post for 12 months from the official ceremony at the Annual Town (Electors’) Meeting May 13 at Hailsham Civic Community Hall.

The youth mayor role provides a focus and an additional channel for young people’s views to be heard by decision makers in the community.

Miss McIntosh said: “I believe the role of Youth Mayor is an important one as it can help make a difference to and establish a better future for young people in Hailsham and surrounding areas.”

Nomination forms are available to download from and are also available via Hailsham Community College.

The closing date for entries is April 18.

McIntosh said: “A lot of young people are voting in youth elections in other towns in the South East in the coming weeks and I am looking forward to working with my colleagues on the forthcoming election campaign.”

Michael Ryan, joint oversight councillor for Youth Projects at Hailsham Town Council, said, “The Town Council has a history of encouraging young people’s participation in local democracy thanks to the strong commitment of the Youth Council since its launch in 2010 - and of course to the Council’s dedicated youth project staff.

“A democratically elected Youth Mayor is vital in order to act as official spokesperson for the young people of Hailsham on various issues.”

Nominees will need to complete a form including a photo and statement about why they should become Youth Mayor of Hailsham and be able to provide the names, addresses and signatures of 10 young people aged 11-17 years who support your nomination.

Online voting will take place from April 22 to May 3.

Results of the vote will be announced on May 6.

The remit of the youth mayor is to serve a one-year term during the 2013/14 civic year.

Responsibilities include: represent the interests of Hailsham’s young people to the Town Mayor, councillors, businesses, the wider community and other public service providers;

Represent all of Hailsham’s young people and their interests regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, class or sexuality;

Be a part of Hailsham Youth Council and consult closely with young people at large to build a greater understanding of young people’s needs;

Promote the interests of Hailsham’s young people to Hailsham residents and externally;

attend events of interest and importance to young people in Hailsham Town Council Investigate and initiate projects and schemes for young people;

offer advice and help to town council members and officers on developing services and facilities for young people in Hailsham.