5 Great Ideas for the Guest Room

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The spare room is often the last room of the home to be decorated – the living room often takes precedence as it’s the most likely to be occupied, and its style can be dictated easily by the people living in them: children, teenagers, parents.

Whereas, the spare room is up for grabs to any guest – be it your children’s school friends or visiting relatives. If you’ve been struggling on how to decorate the guest room, here are five top tips.

1. Go bold – choose a rich colour such as a deep red or purple for your wallpaper, teamed with a thick, plush carpet will offer a boudoir appeal. Check out Hillarys carpet range available in Nottinghamshire for a carpet that is oh-so soft underfoot. There are plenty prints to choose from, so try to make a stylish statement.

2. Beautiful Bedspread Quilts – if your budget won’t stretch to wallpaper or new furniture don’t worry, it’s easy to make an impact without splashing the cash. Use a patchwork quilt as your base and pick out three accent colours to focus on for your pillow and duvet covers. Rows of luxurious cushions and pillows will make the room look even more cosy and appealing.

3. Double up the room with twin beds – twin beds are a great as it’ll offer the space for two young school friends but can be pushed together to form a double bed – perfect!

4. Chaise Longue – it’s the ultimate accessory and probably one of the most glamorous pieces of furniture you can buy so why not treat your guests to one. It’s perfect for cosying down with a good book. And when you’ve not got any guests – take advantage of this beautiful piece of furniture yourself!

5. Don’t gild, use ‘silvering’ techniques – silvering (the process in which you make something appear more reflective) will offer a soft, glamorous and beautiful finish so it’s the perfect touch for a head board. Amethyst, lilac and mint greens area a fabulous colour palette with this look.

And remember, it’s the simple things like a stack of good books and fresh flowers that make guests feel welcome and at home.


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