Stringer boss angry at performance of match officials after Dorking defeat

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Hailsham joint manager Andy Goodchild raged about the performance of the officials after his Stringers side went down to a midweek defeat.

Aftet the 3-1 defeat to Dorking Wanderers, he said “I am very disappointed by the results of the first two games but not the performances.

“Second half in both games we were very good, creating chances and if it wasn’t for ex-pro Nicky Forster and some suboptimal officiating at Dorking, I think we deserved points from both games.

“However, you don’t always get what you deserve from the game and whilst creating chances we do look goalshy on occasions.

“We desperately need a finisher to play off Drew Greenall. Then I think we will really begin to hurt teams the way we play.”

Goodchild described Tuesday night’s 3-1 defeat at Dorking as “an evening that will go down in the history books filed under surreal or certainly bizarre.”

He said: “I appreciate that the officials are only human and will make mistakes but tonight was somewhat extreme.

“The first young referee decides to overrule a perfectly good early call for offside from his linesman to allow an early Dorking goal. And then he interprets a player reaching out to stop the ball with his hand in the penalty area as accidental.”

The referee then fell ill at half-time, said Goodchild “so one of his assistants takes over second half, replaced by an enthusiastic club linesman from the home team.

“You would have thought that the second ref couldn’t possibly be as incompetent as the first,” added the raging Town boss: “but I stand corrected.

“(Their) number 12 is booked rightly but later commits what can only be described as a Kung Fu like tackle to take the player out. With no attempt to play the ball, it would be a straight red in itself or at least a second yellow.

“(But) this ref sees it differently – as a stern talking to!

“The player who shouldn’t be on the pitch then proceeds to rub salt into our wounds later and goes and scores.

“A perfectly good Hailsham goal is disallowed, despite the player coming from behind the ball as the over enthusiastic club linesman decides to raise his flag after the ball hits the back of the net and their own players had turned towards the centre spot. Unbelievable.”

He added: “We didn’t help ourselves against a poor side with many squandered chances and a saved penalty but the evening’s entertainment – in what should have been a good match –was marred by very poor officiating and what seemed a sequence of unfortunate events that conspired against us.”

But the Town boss added optimistically: “Onwards and upwards.”

Dorking’s goals were scored by Chris Davidson (10 mins), Matt Harmsworth (50) and Peter Rapson (88), while Stringers’ reply came from Steve Dallaway 10 minutes from time.

Hailsham are away to Molesey in the FA Cup today.