Honours Board – Sussex Cricket League

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Sussex Express sports editor Brian Pollard has gone through every result in the Sussex Cricket League from last weekend (even the ones in Division Three West) to find all the players who scored a half century or more or took four or more wickets.

How did your team’s players do?


Best Batting

Rohit Jagota (Pulborough) 202*

Pete Savage (Sidley II) 138*

Neil Blatchly (Bexhill II) 134

Ben Ramsden (Sidley II) 122

Richard Simmons (Billingshurst II) 119*

Alex Evans (East Grinstead II) 108

Sarel Erwee (Cuckfield) 106*

Dominic Shepheard (Glynde & Bedd’ham) 91*

Michael Rippon (Brighton & Hove SUNDAY) 91

Ally James (Arundel) 87

John Barron (Horsham II) 80

Chris Plaister (Preston Nomads) 78

Mike Edmonds (St James’s M) 76

Dan Hopkins (East Grinstead II) 75

Kevin Ramsay (Seaford) 74*

Mark Bamford (Chichester Priory Park) 74

Peter Dickson (Ifield II) 73

David Wilding (Slinfold II) 73*

Jack Metters (Findon) 71

Oliver Graham (Sussex Development XI) 70

Matthew Smith (Brighton & Hove II) 70

Simon Everest (Stirlands II) 68

Brandon Hanley (Middleton) 67*

David Woodfield (Haywards Heath II) 66

Michael Johnson (Keymer & Hasscosk) 64*

Ben Bignell (Glynde & Beddingham II) 64

James Lynch (Stirlands II) 64

Geoff Stothert (Arundel) 64

Devon Endersby (Horsham) 63

Chris Francis (Wisborough Green II) 62

Ken Vickery (Wisborough Green II) 61

Dave Browning (Steyning II) 60

Colin Ayres (Crowhurst Park) 58

Declan Hoare (Haywards Heath) 57*

Callum Jackson (Sussex Development XI) 57

Lewis Tomkins (Crawley) 57

Ross Barnett (Horsham II) 55*

Bradley James (Worthing II) 55*

Stephen Rusling (Ansty II) 55*

Michael Rippon (Brighton & Hove) 55

Leigh Reed (Glynde & Beddingham II) 54*

Gavin Sutherland (Hellingly II) 54*

Matt Hobden (Preston Nomads) 54

Amit Midha (Littlehampton) 54

Rob Mouland (Glynde & Beddingham) 54

Sean Dobbs (Chichester Priory Park II) 53

Anuj Nagpal (Crawley II) 53

Patrick Colvin (Middleton II) 52*

Tim Dunn (Worthing II) 52

Dave Fuente (Pagham) 52

Conor Golding (Three Bridges) 52

Wes Campbell (Littlehampton II) 51

John Edwards (Chichester Priory Park II) 51*

Ryan Hodkinson (Seaford) 51

Mike Norris (Preston Nomads) 50

Dale Payne (Hastings Priory) 50

James Sadler (Wisborough Green) 50

Adam Swart (Ifield II) 50