Diary of a Dart Player with Andy Relf

LAST week, I finally visited a surgeon to try to get an idea as to what was wrong with my foot, and also both my knees.

You may recall that back in January I sustained an injury to my foot that meant that I couldn’t put weight on it for around a month. Since then it has given me problems whenever I walk or stand for any length of time… as darts means that I do both of those, it is a bit of an issue! As a result I have to have surgery and the bone that causes the problem either removed or shaved down – either way, I’ll be off it for around six weeks. Next week I have the scans, and then it is a case of fitting the surgery in at a time where I’m not playing in tournaments – and when my wife has recovered from her own operation.

Anyway, darts on Tuesday saw the Kings Head away to the White Horse.

We won this week, and a solid performance was put in by everyone involved.

Then on Wednesday came Superleague. To say I’m having a strange season is an understatement.

I’m actually playing the best I’ve ever played in it if you look at my averages, yet I’m losing more matches! This week we are up against Bexhill, who have my old team mates Adrian Gray and Shayne Burgess among their ranks. I spend the evening chatting with Adi, as I haven’t seen him much in the last couple of months, and he makes the comment that he bets we draw one another… sure enough we do!

Another easy draw then, but I’m playing well enough.

Our match gets underway, and I manage to win the first leg as Adi misses a double.

Second leg I open up with 180, 140, and take the leg in 14 darts; third leg, and I miss 84 for a 3-0 win, and Adi checks out. Then he hits a 14-darter, and follows up with a 15 to take the win.

I finished yet again with a higher average than my opponent – 26.56 per dart, which is also the highest in our team… but I lost! I can’t complain, I had the chance to beat him, but missed, and against someone like Adi, I know I have to take out the chances. Our team lost 5-4 overall, and Shayne managed to get man of the match, with my average second highest on the night!