Dripping Yarns with David Arnold – is this pic 1920s or am I talking out of my hat?!

Pan Pic Old
Pan Pic Old

Here’s another super ‘yesteryear’ photograph of the Dripping Pan featuring two football teams lining up on the pitch preparing to do battle.

Trouble is we have no information telling us as to when the photograph was taken and what was the occasion.

It seems to have been a pretty important game judging from the size of the crowd up on the banking by the side of Mountfield Road.

Most likely a cup tie.

That must be the Rooks in the top row, although it is interesting to see that two players have swopped places – perhaps a case of divided loyalties!

A clue to the decade when the match was played comes with the hats worn by the two gentlemen in the dark coats flanking the teams at either end.

I’m no expert in hat matters but a bit of research on the internet indicates to me that the photograph was taken in the 1920s or maybe the very early 1930s.

If any readers are better than me at devining dates and times simply by studying what people are wearing, then please feel free to contribute.

It would be better still if someone out there has a copy of the photo tucked away in their family archive and can shed some light on this obviously grand but sadly forgotten scene.

Coming swiftly up to date, there’s no escaping the fact that it has been a grim season on the pitch for the Rooks.

Easily the grimmest since our ill-fated foray into the giddy heights of Conference proper.

All we fans can do at this time is continue to support Simon Wormull and his team and hope that a few results go our way at last to keep us in Ryman Premier Division.

Meanwhile, I take immense solace from the fact that so much has gone right elsewhere in this club.

For starters we are solvent and, so far as I am aware, debt-free.

Despite a lack of success in the league and in any cup competitions the support of the long-suffering fans has been nothing short of magnificent.

Not just in turning up in numbers for game after game at the Dripping Pan but also in the way they have bought their raffle tickets and golden goals, come along to quiz nights and the beer festival and generally more than pulled their weight.

At the beginning of the season the Board of Directors set Lewes FC Supporters Club a daunting fundraising target for the season.

I’m pleased to report that, thanks to the response of the fans, this target has already not only been met but greatly exceeded.

A fantastic effort by all concerned.

It’s this kind of support that tells me that this club will soon go on to once again enjoy good times on the pitch.

Sometimes you have to experience a bad patch to truly appreciate the good times when they arrive.